As Kites Fly by Pylons


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released March 31, 2017

Written by Marriott/Marriott
Performed by PET NEEDS (Marriott/Marriott/Pachent/Lock)
Produced by Tom Donovan
Artwork by Dan Allen



all rights reserved


PET NEEDS Colchester, UK

Four lads who through the nature of chaos all landed in Essex, wide-eyed, out of breath and ready to create something huge. With explosive live performances of fractured anthems, PET NEEDS are currently smashing sets throughout the East, screaming stories of chance meetings, self-destruction, perceived freedom and woods. ... more

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Track Name: Punk isn't Dead; it's just Up for Sale
You’re waiting for your train in the rain again
With these strangers, who still remain strangers
Despite the same faces
Gracing those station platforms
Most mornings of almost every day.

Doors open.
With eyes unfocussed
You coast past the clones of the blokes
You swore you’d never become.
And then you catch your reflection.

Punk isn’t dead; it’s just up for sale.

All the trendy young write like life’s a movie;
They’re never the villain.
Track Name: Woods
As our fingers interlocked, she whispered,
“Don’t you just chase your dreams,
‘Cause if you do, you’ll spend your waking life
Wishing you were asleep.

And with that, we wandered,
Walking with the whisky that remained.
Through the dusk, into the darkness.
From the city to existence without boundaries.
We are nothing.
But you are everything to me.
We are nothing.

Take yourself down to the woods
And pretend that you are free for a while.
Track Name: Dallas
Every time I fly into this country, man,
It feels a little colder.
Surely this is not a climate
We can healthily sustain?

Just spent the last week
On the rooftops in Lisboa,
Chatting tunes and drinking vino
With our newfound American friends.

Jim thinks that England is
All country pubs and winding roads.
I swear I saw him wince
When he realised that my only
Exposure to his country was in
Dallas, Texas.

Take what you want from what you see.
Distorted screens on your TV.
I’ve only been to Dallas once,
But Texas was good to me.
I want to show you my world,
The city and the peaks.
Track Name: Lamp Post
By lamp post lights,
We stumble, searching for culture.
Or just to lose our minds,
As your hiding,
Wide-eyed under covers.

But for tonight,
The night is ours
And the future’s undiscovered.
Grab you keys,
And your coins,
And your coat.

Don’t ever forget
That I’ve got your back.
Track Name: As Kites Fly by Pylons
She said, “I love you in the same way that I love a first guitar.
I know you’re useless but you’ll always be in my heart.”
Then with a little half-smile
That could have been misinterpreted as a smirk,
She downed her drink,
She left no tip
And then she headed for the bar.

Suddenly the suit he wore made him
Look like a child
In his father’s clothes.
And suddenly the way he walked
Made him well aware of his posture
As he headed home alone.
And suddenly all eyes on him
Felt like they were burning through his skin,
And suddenly he felt like half the man
That he thought he was
Half an hour ago.

He’s writing in silence as if there’s a meaning,
Like hearing this shit will elicit a feeling.
Respiratory systems tighten
As kites fly by pylons.
Lines deepen.
A sheep who bleats in protest is still bleating.
What are we if not our thoughts?
He’s falling short.
But nevertheless he aims to impress
The faceless mess,
Stress when he regresses to
That little lamb he always was
Will wool wrapped round his eyes.